Turbulence Research Group

Related Links

Neighboring CFD Labs

The SOFIA Laboratory
Hypersonics And Computational Aerodynamics Group
Center for Turbulence Research

Supercomputing Centers

Comet (SDSC)
Stampede (TACC)

Other Links

American Physical Society (APS)
American Institute of Physics (AIP)
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

Things We Use

PuTTY SSH client
WinSCP Secure copy for Windows
TortoiseSVN Subversion control
CollabNet SVN server setup
Ubuntu Most popular Linux distribution
gVim Text editor
cygwin Linux commands for windows environment
MinGW Minimalist GNU compilers for windows
FFTW Popular fast Fourier transform libraries
Tecplot Plotting software
MATLAB Simplified programming language based on C++
GNU Compiler Collection Open source compiler collection for Fortran, C, C++
MPI (open MPI) Free MPI library
MPI (MPICH) Free MPI library
MikTeX LaTeX compiler
TeXnic Center Integrated development environment for use with MikTeX to make LaTeX documents
Monster Energy Instant source code - just add grad student
Rubio's Second worst food on campus
Coding Tips Secrets to making your code numerically stable.

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