Turbulence Research Group


Our research is conducted via direct numerical simulations of the Navier-Stokes equations. Details about our numerical methods can be found in papers in our publications section. Our codes are written in-house, and run on supercomputers such as TACC Stampede, SDSC Comet, and UCLA's IDRE Hoffman2. We also own a small cluster for postprocessing, testing and data storage. Our computational allocation on the clusters at TACC and SDSC are graciously provided by XSEDE.

Current Topics

  • Thermodynamic fluctuations in hypersonic turbulent boundary layers
  • Drag reduction with superhydrophobic surfaces
  • Effects of distributed roughness on compressible turbulent flow

Selected Past Topics

  • Real gas effects in compressible turbulent flows
  • Boundary layer control
  • Dynamics of compressible turbulent boundary layers
  • Effects of hydrophobic surfaces
  • Numerical Studies of compressible turbulent flows


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